Break out of your current reality & live a life that’s true to you


with Jaden Hummel

Soulship is where you come to dream big for the first time. And then actually see it happen.


This is a world class transformation program with one of the highest success rates in the industry.

Get ready to…

  • Feel more energized by freeing up your time & energy to give to the areas of life you really care about
  • Activate every cell in your body with total satisfaction & joy for where you are now and excitement about your next steps
  • Create your own unique magic for what it means to live a life that completely lights you up 
  • Feel motivated to take the steps that always felt out of reach

In this self-study program, you get to go at your own pace. You will have plenty of time to integrate the teachings, troubleshoot questions & celebrate wins.

Tell me if this sounds like you…

❌ You have BIG aspirations for what you want to do with your life... but you often feel weighed down thinking "Is that even possible for me?"

 👉 You’re ready to raise your standards AND feel confident that you can create whatever you want

❌ When it comes to cultivating the life you want, there always seems to be something in the way.

👉 You know you’re standing in your own way, but you don’t always know what actions to take to break through!

❌ You know you’re smart and capable - but you don’t always know where to channel your energy, time, or abilities into a life that actually feels good.

👉 You’re ready to be in the driver’s seat of your life.

 ❌ You sometimes feel out of touch with what you want.

 👉 You crave living a life that feels fulfilling on a soul level.


Feeling a deep, LOVING connection to your soul work and your purpose for being here

Trusting yourself to make decisions without the drama of the back and forth

Breaking free from patterns in your relationships / career / personal life that have kept you stuck in old paradigms (especially the ones that have been around for years)

Transforming your relationship with money and clearing the scarcity mindset that’s been holding you back

Here’s what past clients are saying…

“Wow. Thank you so much for being so cool and great and awesome and making this program so enjoyable, with no pressure. Also I cannot wait to report the celebrations from the last week - INSANE dude! Never been more happy.

– Brooke

“Another celebration (hope this is not too much)! Just listened to your last video on the way of being. Thank you!!! That video landed hard! Every second of that felt so damn good. Thank you, so happy to have these amazing tools that I actually identify with ❤️”

– Gabrielle

“I appreciate your transparency of how you got to where you are now. It makes it all so relatable. I appreciate how humble and REAL you are.

– Lana

“Literally a month ago this was just a small idea in my brain, this is insane!”

– Emily

“I’m so in love - not with anyone, but it just feels like that :) in love with life

– Renee

Your Morning Integration Practice is FIRE!!

– Jillian

What a gift this is. Thank you thank you time a million ❤️ so generous of you.”

– Elizabeth

Here’s what you’ll learn:

Module 1: It’s Possible NOW

In this module, you'll OWN your desires - the first step to allowing them in. You’ll get clear on what’s been standing in your way and reframe the pain points that are usually holding you back.

Module 2: The 3 Step Process to Getting Out of Your Own Way

In this module, you'll shift your beliefs around success to better serve you. You'll ditch old sabotaging patterns and make room for a new reality. And you'll do it all with my go-to prompts & mantras (that my past clients name as being a powerful portal for their transformation).

Module 3: Make Success & Alignment Inevitable

In this module, you’ll raise your standards to match the career, life + income that you want to call in. You’ll learn how to create & stick to minimum standards in your life so that every day feels exactly how you want it to.

Module 4: Amplify Your Truth

In this module, you'll learn how to recognize your truth & identify when you are holding back. You'll commit to being an empowered truth-speaker and leader no matter what other people are saying or doing. You’ll get comfortable with being uncomfortable!

Module 5: Create Wildly Fulfilling relationships

In this module, you'll discover what it means to have aligned relationships, and you'll learn the skills you need to create them in your life. Whether you are already in partnership or you are seeking a partner, you can use these skills to feel more fulfilled, connected, and AMAZING in all your relationships.

Module 6: How to Make, Keep & Love Money

In this module, you'll gain useful frameworks for reflecting on your money beliefs so you can reframe what isn't serving you. You'll release the pressure around money which will allow more of it to come into your life, so you can do all the things you want to do. Money is a type of energy we exchange, so mastering it will also allow you to share your work with more people.

Each module will evolve with you for a lifetime. These methods have allowed past clients to build + expand businesses, move into their dream home, enter into soulmate relationships, make more money, and improve their overall quality of life.

Inside Soulship, you’ll receive:

  • 6 highly distilled, powerful modules on alignment that you can apply to all areas of your life
  • The Morning Gratitude Practice my clients rave about
  • Practices, guides & journaling prompts to go with each module
  • You get lifetime access to Soulship - so you’ll have the time you need for deep transformation.

Check out what past clients have said

"I wish I could perpetually be in a soul circle group led by Jaden! I’m not even joking!  I gained powerful insights and momentum that I do not believe would develop as quickly in isolation.

“By meeting within a group of similarly intentioned people, my reflections broadened.  The connection with others was truly lovely and brought more joy into my life.  Jaden, herself, is warm, funny and puts you at ease.  She sets the stage for an energetically open and kind space.  She is also a great facilitator.

Jaden offers clarity on how to reframe your perspective.  She gives helpful exercises that allow your desires and dreams to shift from far off notions into a grounded reality.

Each meeting reminded me of areas in my life where I am already abundant and offered support to continue to tap into these avenues.  I also gained awareness of the ways I was holding myself back and felt supported in trusting myself to move away from that which is not serving me.

Many of the affirmations I developed I use daily.  I also find myself saying “what is going well” and using that as my catalyst for the day, or to remind myself where to pour my energy, heart, and skills.  I am happy I chose to pour some into Soulship as it was returned in spades."

– Alison, Blue Moon Bling

"The space Jaden holds as well as all the other incredible and powerful humans involved is potent and groundbreaking. This is a perfect space for those who are really looking for tools that will allow you to grab hold of what you are calling in, as well as bring awareness to things you may have never thought of.

“Jaden continues to show up for people in such a way that feels natural, transparent and fun. If you’re looking to dive deeper in your business, personal life or with your relationship to yourself; this is what you need."

– Raegan, Of the Earth Massage

"Since we started working together, I feel a deeper connection to my source of self-love. This has helped me to feel more confident in my decisions and to feel more trust in myself. I’ve followed through with more ideas, adventures, and goals.

“Jaden pushed me to release old stories and ideas I hold of myself. She connects and listens in a deep way which makes me feel seen and supported. Her solution-based advice and outlook help me to feel unstuck in situations that would normally feel towering and overwhelming. She has helped me to recognize patterns I fall into and have given me tools to move past the patterns that don't serve me as the person I am today. 

“If you’re thinking about working with Jaden, you should know that the work and energy you put into yourself during time will be matched energetically by her. Take the steps and advice Jaden gives wholeheartedly without hesitations and you will watch yourself blossom into a fuller self!

– Taylor, Independent Artist

Read many many more testimonials here.

This is for you if...

  • You're a passionate professional, entrepreneur, freelancer, athlete, artist, etc who wants to fuel your work with mindset shifts
  • You’ve already decided that living a life that you love is a non-negotiable
  • You’re self motivated and are prepared to implement the practices + get the most out of this experience (you know that YOU create your own results)
  • You feel like you are crushing it in 80% of your life, but are ready to take it to the next level – and vibrate on the highest possible frequency
  • You have some BIG ideas brewing and you know this is the program that will help you bring them to life
  • You’re beyond ready to experience deeper levels of love, abundance, ease, and joy.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the insights, guidance, and tools I wish I had on my own expansion journey - all in one convenient place.

There’s no better way to break through old patterns, grow your business + bank account, find your soul mate partner… and simply expand your capacity to live a joyful life.

Trust yourself.